Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Brain Fitness

Today Suzanne came to our class to help us warm up our brains. She asked us "What if you had three legs instead of two?" We had lots of hard and easy ideas. Poor Ngaire had to write them all down. It was fun and tricky at the same time. After we came up with lots of hard and easy ideas Suzanne wanted us to talk to a buddy to come up with some creative ideas. One of our creative ideas was you could climb a ladder with two legs and stick the other leg out to hang your tool box on.

We learnt that when you have run out of ideas that's when you need to keep thinking or talk to someone else and that's when you get the really good ideas.

Can you think of any creative ideas to answer our question?


  1. What a great way to warm up your brains! I think you would only need one person, instead of two, to run in a three-legged race!

  2. That's great thinking "Learning Hub" I look forward to hearing and reading about all your creative ideas this year!