Thursday, 1 March 2012

February's Board Report

This year we have been learning to play flags. In flags there is a big line of cones that is where you start. There is two squares on each side with a ball in the middle of them then there are three people standing around it. You have to try and get the ball from their side back to your side. There are attackers and defenders. Flags is all about having fun!!!!

Today we had a Triathlon. The year three girls went first and the year six boys went last. It was a long way!!! At the start we had to run on the grass and then out the Tyndle street ally way then down Rongapie street and back in russell st and then we went in the pool and then we jumped on our bikes and round the field and then we sprinted to the finish line!!!!!

Puppet show
Today we had a puppet show called Rayz Roadshow. Ray is trying to teach as that rules are cool. At the puppet show Raye and his puppets were funny. Jerry ( the puppet ) he was cheeky like monkeys. puppet shows are cool and so are rules!!!!

Catch me if you can
Catch me if you can is with a girl called Sha. We do lots of very fun games with Sha like follow the leader and sea weed and lots more cool fun games.
We have gone out and done two leasons. We go every Monday.

Sports and shows
It would be great to have more sports in a month and more people come to do shows. We had a great time

From Bella and Maia

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