Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Jordan Lawton

I was born in 2003 and my birthday is on April 11th. I was born in Palmerston North and I went to live with my Dad in Fielding every now and then. Before I started school I had chicken pox and I had them all over my body. 
When I was three I went to Australia and I went on this really COOL roller coaster. I felt horrified because it went so fast and every time I got off it I was crying. Even though I was sad I always wanted to go back on it because I wanted to go with my dad. 
When I was little I cut my head open a little bit. When my brother was giving me a piggy back I fell off. It was painful and Mum had to rush me to the Doctors and they glued my head back together.
Now I am at Russell Street School and I am 8. I like playing with my friends at school.


  1. Awesome Jordan

  2. Great work Jordan it must have hurt when your head craked open.Ana

  3. cool story is so cool

  4. Thanks you guys who is the person that said awesome jordan