Thursday, 29 March 2012

Mystery Guest

Yesterday we had a mystery guest come to our class.  We were so excited to find out who it was going to be!  It was Jaiden's dad, Jason.  He shared with us about how it played cricket and his team won a tournament.  He also showed us the gears he has to wear when he plays soccer.  Jordan got to put it on.  A few children also got to hit a cricket ball with the bat Jason used when he played in the tournament.


  1. We are all very Excited about our mystery Guess. It was My Dad who came to our class for mystery guest. It was our first mystery guess of the year. He talked to us about cricket and what sort of gear you need to wair when you are playing. You need: knee pads, a thing round your wast, Gloves and last of all you defintly need a helmet. Jordan was the one who got dressed up.

  2. What a great mystery guest guys! As part of the Beautification Day last week some of the Dads helped us fix the cricket net. They worked really hard and it was clearly worth it because it seems you had so much fun playing cricket. Did you see the Black Caps captain on TV earlier this week - he broke a bone in his arm because he wasn't wearing an arm pad. Do you know his name? OUCH!! Kevin (BoT)

  3. Aroha .It was so fun because Jaidens dad came in to be a mistery gust! He told us about him doing crickit. then after that joprdan got to stand on the table and that wasent fair! He put on glovs and knee pads a hellmit and a bat. Then we went outside to have a fue hits then we shouted at him and said not to go and we said by. Then we went inside. bake to work lots more work to do but I thought that he would be a clown or somthing.