Saturday, 12 May 2012

The winner of homework...

The winner of homework for week three goes to.... Keona. Her story was chosen because she had written in detail of how she met her wildself with the use of interesting words and speech. Well done, Keona.

Here is Keona's story:

The story of how I met the Nursesea

When I was seven, my dad brought me and my family to the sea. We went fishing. Then suddenly my line got a bite. I tried to reel it in but it didn't work. So I asked my dad for my diving suit and under the ocean I went. I quickly swam to the seabed and... I found a weird sort of animal. I had one question swirling around in my mind, can this animal talk? The the animal talked. It introduced  itself and here is what it said: "Hello, how are you today? Oops, I haven't introduced myself. My name is Nursesea which is short for Rein-sea-ark-orse-condor. You look like you might be lost. Come on, follow me." Then suddenly I looked at my oxygen tank and saw it was really low. So I said to the Nursesea, "Sorry, but I have to go now". We said our goodbyes and I swam back to the surface and told my brother and sister about the Nursesea but they didn't believe me. But I had taken a photo of the Nursesea. Here it is.

By Keona


  1. cool story and phicher Keona.It looks really cool!!!

  2. Salah's dad14 May 2012 at 07:43

    Why did you not ask the Nursesea to take you to the shore without using your oxygen tank it could have save you your energy?

  3. Wow Keona! I love your story. I really like the way you used interesting words in your story. It made it really exciting to read!

  4. I agree with you Ngaire she AWESOME job on her story. I think she diservs a patt on the bake.