Friday, 3 August 2012


Yay, we won flags!  We are so proud of ourselves for the great teamwork we had!  Well done to Salah who was the player of the day for keeping his eye on the ball.


  1. YAY!!! We won flags but what a close game it was 3 - 4. The player of the day was Salah because he didn't take his eye of the ball and I think he deserved it.

    I think we all played well and a good play by Jewlian-Paul. He made us win


  2. we started on the cowns then we scored 1 but rm3 were caught up to us it was 1 3 so we were back and we caught up fast thanks to the people how went on defence it was now 3 3 but jp got the last goal keep it up attack

    1. wow I do like you'r pictures midnight i wish I was in there what is the flag thingy is it a trophe? you'rs are the best class i've ever seen you'r blogs preety amzaing.

  3. Yippee we won flags but there was a lot of people in the box can we please have some more defense?

  4. Well done on winning flags!!!!! Great stuff.