Sunday, 2 September 2012

Hands-On Homework

This weeks Hands-On Homework is to create an Emergency Survival kit.  The Christchurch earthquakes have shown us how important it is to be prepared in case of an emergency.

Click on the picture below for a list of the recommended items for in an emergency kit.

If you have already got one that's great!  Remember to take a photo of your emergency kits and bring them to school.


  1. I hope they come out cool

  2. I think that Ben and Cam's will be the best:)

  3. Hi Kids from Sunny Australia. I have started putting together my emergency kit - Tim Tams (2 packets), Choc-Chip cookies (1 packet), prawns (for the BBQ), warm socks (it's cold in Melbourne) a wooly beanie to keep my bald head warm, matches (to light the BBQ) and an oval-shaped ball to play Aussie Rules football with my neighbours! I miss you all at RSS, Kevin McFarlane. PS I hope your Emergency Kits are better than mine?

  4. Done mine emailed it to Ngaire Yay why do you think Ben and Cam's will be the best Keona???