Thursday, 6 June 2013

Our First Production Practise

On Wednesday we had our first Production practice.  It was with Dean.  Our song we were dancing to was Footloose.  It is really tricky because it is fast music.  Everyone was puffing hard out.  The dance is basically about our feet.  It was one of the most exhausting things I have ever done.  By Jaiden

Yesterday we went to dancing with Dean we were learning how to dance to foot-loose.

First he taught us an easier version of dancing to foot-loose. It was amazingly hard even for the easy version!  

The boys did bits and the girls did bits.  You had to remember everything. I could hardly keep anything in my head. Man there was so many actions. So it must be hard for music videos to dance well!

Then Dean said, “Ok now for the hard version.” I thought in my head, “oh oh!!!”

Dean was going so fast that I thought, “Man he’s good!”  The actions were different and much much harder! The dancing was so fast that I  felt like exploding!
It was time for lunch I felt so exhausted that I couldn’t play!!! By Ben

On Wednesday we practised for our production with Dean  McKerris. He is a dance teacher. We had to dance to footlose. I knew that footlose would be hard to dance to because it is a fast song. we started the first bit.  That was easy but the corus was fast. No it wasn’t fast, it was really fast. At the end I was hot “I like dancing to footlose,” I said to myself. By Thomas

For the production we are doing a dance called Footloose. We have already learnt most of it. Next week we might be learning the rest of it.  The dance was fast and hard.  By Leo

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