Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A Night at the R'Oscars

On terrific Tuesday I knew something was special because my tummy felt like a big bowl of purple jelly.  Then I just remembered that the production was on.

It felt different for me because two years ago I did a production.

I rushed to get ready because the whole school was going to the Regent.  When I arrived at school everyone was throwing paper airplanes.  Then the bell rang.  I lined up.  We went in a white bus to get to The Regent.

When the school arrived at The Regent, it was time to have healthy brain food.

First people did their dance in their normal clothes.  Then people did their dance in their AWESOME costumes!

At two thirty the school left The Regent and went back to school.  Then it was hometime.  People got prepared for the exciting night.  My mum put green and yellow hair spray in my spiky hair.  My nan and granddad were coming.

My class and Room 6 were sharing a dressing room.  I was so hot I felt like I was on a BBQ.

After Room 6's basketball dance it was my turn to dance.  I walked onto the stage.  Suddenly everybody sat there silently.  All I could hear was feet walking on stage.  During the dance I was huffing and puffing.  After the second chorus we had to swing our arms as far as we could.  My arms felt like thy were being pulled by a jet plane.  Everybody clapped.  Black quickly covered the stage.  Then we walked off stage.

My class went back stage.  After awhile, my class came back for the whole school dance.  Before the whole school dance the teachers did their dance.  The principal, David, was dressed up in a grey bunny suit from the Lunny Tunny Show.  I didn't expect that to happen!  Stephen was in a dress with light blue boots.  The the whole school did their dance.

After that, our parents picked us up from The Regent.  What a night!

By Harrison

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  1. This is a wonderful piece of writing, describing a wonderful night. We think you were a pretty awesome dancer too Harrison.
    Love Mum and Dad.