Monday, 9 September 2013

Cave Art and Writing

As an introduction to inquiry we had a look at some art that was created 1000's of years ago in some caves in France.

What did these artists use?
Why did they create the images they choose?
We decided to use clay as a medium to create some art and pretend we were kids in cave man days.

We used our cave adventures as inspiration to write a story as if we were 'cave kids'.
Here are some examples:
                            CAVE KID 
Once I was a cave kid. My name is Fred because my dad had a pet called Fred. It was night, I got out of the cave. I could see the stars, they were as bright as the sun. I went out of the cave I got my bow and arrow me and my dad went in a bush. I heard hard breathing, I turned around it was a bear! I shot it and dragged it into the cave and we went to sleep. In the the morning I saw a deer. I got my bow and arrow I shot it. We ate the deer and we made a sleeping bag. It was warm. We went hunting again. We went to a cave we sat in the cave. We heard roar. It was another bear. We kept on shooting it. It died. We ate it for dinner. 

By Liam 
Cave Kid

My name is Rock, I’m named that because my dad likes rocks. He eat’s them.
Me and Dad went hunting, it was my first time. I was riding my horse, Dynamite. She is a female horse, a mare. My dad was riding his horse, Wolf Hunter. He’s a male and he’s like Oscar the grouch.

We were hunting in the jungle for lions and tigers. I was really excited, I was hunting with a bow and arrow.

I take my first shot because I see a tiger under a tree a really big tree, I shot. I hit! It felt great to bring food home for the family.

By Rileigh-Kaye.
cave  kid

It was a warm summers night when I went out hunting for deer with my dad. We walked over a bridge and there were glow worms by the river. We saw a brown deer on a small green mountain. The wind was blowing in it’s face and the fur was blowing back. The deer was a big deer. It looked like the kind of deer if you got it, it will take it 3 days to eat it. We got it with a spare and the deer was really heavy to carry.  
It took 3 people to lift it. We took it home and we cooked it and ate it. The next day we went fishing in the river. We saw 30 fish in the river. We got a skewer to get the fish in their necks. We got 25 fish then we went home and on the way home we got a deer. It was a light deer and we went to the cave.

By Marshall
Cave Kid Story
Years and years ago a cave kid was born to hunt.

8 years later...  “Come on kid. This is your chance to hunt. Walk slowly with no sound”. “RAAA”  Stab!  “Nice work kid. “Come on its getting dark, lets go back to the cave” said dad 

The next morning. “Make some new cloths with that leather”. “ok” 
“Lets go hunting now. Go on that mountain and use your bow and arrow.” “Theres a deer right buy that tree. Steady... fire.” “Oh no, you missed. Use your spear. Now stab!

Years later... “lets go get some grapes.” 



  1. Wow lots of creative minds in owl city. I enjoyed reading these stories and watching the video, way to go owl city

  2. Jo Leo's Mum.
    Wow there is some great stuff going on in your class! Very impressive art work! Keep it up