Wednesday, 30 October 2013

We have been reading explanations and looking for key words. Wow!
Check out our wonderful word clouds!!

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Keyword word clouds

We are finding the key words in our reading.
Keywords ‘unlock’ the meaning in a sentence.

Here is an example:
The dolphin is a mammal
The key words are dolphin and mammal

Good readers notice key words.

To help us practice we are making word clouds using the key words from our reading.
Use this link to help create your word cloud. 


ü  Choose your symbol 
ü  Add your text where it says Enter Text to Go Inside Symbol Here and click on 'Preview' to see what it looks like. Have a play with the font and colours to make your cloud look super flash!
ü  Take a screen shot of your word cloud and this will place it on the desktop.
ü  Your last job is to move your fabulous word cloud into your folder on the server. Please put it in the reading part.

Have a great time and enjoy!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hands on Homework (due Moday Week 4):

The ‘hands on homework’ challenge for you this week is to create a collage for the cover of your writers notebook.
Task: To create a visual collage
Purpose: to personailise the cover of your writer’s notebook
Goal: To combine photos, pictures, words, drawings, artifacts etc into a picture about ‘my life’.
Your writer’s notebook is your space to live like a writer!

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

How is yoghurt made?

We have spent some time thinking about, reading about and finding out what makes yoghurt. This is going to help us in our investigation into 'how to make great yoghurt'

Check out this site, it gave us lots of cool information. all about yoghurt


Here are a whole lot of words we know about measurement. What other words could we add?

Our first yoghurt!

Yoghurt 1 by Kerri Satherley

We are writing to explain

We want to write to explain...

We have been reading explanations during reading and are noticing what makes a good explanation. Here is a text we have read together and found the features of a good explanation.

Why does the earth need the Atmosphere 
There is a has a title

The earth needs the atmosphere because it keeps the air in. The first sentence tells what it is going to be about it about

The atmosphere stops the earth from becoming too hot or too cold.

If an atmosphere can keep air in it can keep dangerous rays of sun and meteors out. So the atmosphere is like a big blanket over Earth which keeps good things in and bad things out.
There is some precise and specific words (special words about the topic)

An atmosphere makes water so we drink and if we didn’t have water we would die. The body paragraphs add lots of details

As a result Earth is the only planet people can live on. The last sentence wraps it all up and is a bit of a summary

We created our own success criteria.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


What do we know about yoghurt in Owl City?

Welcome to term 4

Wow! what a great start to the term! 
We have started Itime during maths and reading. This encourages learners to become self directed and plan their own learning.  The children are buzzing, they love the choice and ability to pick their own path. Have a chat to your child and have them explain what we are doing and how it is working for them...
Here is a copy of the maths planning. Kids fill in the times during reading using the planning board and choose what activities from the must dos and can dos they want to do. Kids reflect on their learning at the end of the day and decide what was successful and what they need to practice.
So far so good!