Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Keyword word clouds

We are finding the key words in our reading.
Keywords ‘unlock’ the meaning in a sentence.

Here is an example:
The dolphin is a mammal
The key words are dolphin and mammal

Good readers notice key words.

To help us practice we are making word clouds using the key words from our reading.
Use this link to help create your word cloud. 


ü  Choose your symbol 
ü  Add your text where it says Enter Text to Go Inside Symbol Here and click on 'Preview' to see what it looks like. Have a play with the font and colours to make your cloud look super flash!
ü  Take a screen shot of your word cloud and this will place it on the desktop.
ü  Your last job is to move your fabulous word cloud into your folder on the server. Please put it in the reading part.

Have a great time and enjoy!

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