Wednesday, 16 October 2013

We are writing to explain

We want to write to explain...

We have been reading explanations during reading and are noticing what makes a good explanation. Here is a text we have read together and found the features of a good explanation.

Why does the earth need the Atmosphere 
There is a has a title

The earth needs the atmosphere because it keeps the air in. The first sentence tells what it is going to be about it about

The atmosphere stops the earth from becoming too hot or too cold.

If an atmosphere can keep air in it can keep dangerous rays of sun and meteors out. So the atmosphere is like a big blanket over Earth which keeps good things in and bad things out.
There is some precise and specific words (special words about the topic)

An atmosphere makes water so we drink and if we didn’t have water we would die. The body paragraphs add lots of details

As a result Earth is the only planet people can live on. The last sentence wraps it all up and is a bit of a summary

We created our own success criteria.

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