Monday, 11 November 2013

I-time planning

Wow Owl City! You have made such a great start to planning your week. I love the responsibility you are showing and how you are driving your leaning! You are practising what you need to to reach your goals.

We have been planning our daily maths and reading time all term. It was quite tricky to get everything done because we didn't always have the 'big picture'. Sometimes we would leave our must dos until the last minute but only have a short time to finish them because of R.E and Buddy Class. Now we plan our whole week on Monday.

Have a look at our new weekly plan, this is a preview for next week...
First we put in when we are seeing Kerri, then we add the must dos and if there are any gaps, we put in some can dos.

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  1. the I-time planning sheet is good for planning for the week be careful don't do blog games and blog reading for the whole week!