Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Temperature Investigation...

Our yoghurt mix ready to go. We wonder if the temperature (cold or warm) will change the flavour and feel of the yoghurt. Will the yoghurt go thick? We put some yoghurt into the yoghurt maker as a control because we know that works!

Owl City making our yoghurt

We are using the same flavour of yoghurt
for all of the experiments in our investigation.

Make sure it is well mixed!

I wonder if the yoghurt mix on the deck will go thick?
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Make sure they are even…
everything except the temperature is the same

Careful, that water is hot!


  1. i think we shouid add more idears

  2. when ever we make yougurt before we make,taste we change 1 thing at a time and make good pridictions. but i think we did really well making our yougurt .