Friday, 1 November 2013

What is learning?

What is a good learner? 

  • When someone is talking, look and listen and don't interrupt them
  • being focused on our learning
  • strive for excellence - when someone is talking you are facing your shoulders to the person so they know you are listening and you try your best at everything you do.
  • Put your hand up when you want to have a go at talking
  • Showing kotahitanga
  • managing our time
  • showing integrity and responsibility - not talking on the mat and being kind and stuff
  • striving for your term goal
  • doing your best

What is one of your learning goals?

  • Getting better at understanding and using fractions
  • Getting better at my basic facts
  • Getting better at focusing on the mat and not calling out
  • Getting to the top of the stage 5 basic facts chart before the end of the term
  • Trying harder and to focus on all of my learning. 

What would I notice about you if I was watching you being a good learner?

  • always give it a go and try your best
  • try you best at everything
  • head is down and you are working
  • don't give up and sit back, try your best.
  • participating in a group - sharing your ideas, listening and working together
  • having fun
  • Taking responsibility and managing yourself
  • Taking risks - trying new things, so you so can say 'like I can do this now' and get good at stuff
  • showing integrity - doing the right thing even though nobody is watching.
  • Taking responsibility for your choices

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