Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Molecules and atoms

Here is the link to the molecules and atoms clip we have watched in class. Have a chat with your parents and share your learning.



Sunday, 18 August 2013

What is integrity?

Integrity means doing the right thing when nobody is watching.

Integrity is made up of lots of things like honesty, kindness and responsibility.

How do you show integrity when...

  • Mum leaves biscuits on the bench - you leave them there, don’t sneak them.
  • Rubbish on the floor - pick it up and put it in the bin, don’t wait to be asked, just do it.
  • Hanging out in class at lunch time - only if it is raining. If it’s not a wet lunch time then we would be outside!
  • Teacher leaves the class - behaving the same as you would when the teacher is there...it doesn’t matter if the teacher is there or not because living with integrity, means you do do the right thing even when nobody is watching!

What are some strategies you could use to help a friend who is not living with Integrity?

  • You could live by example, showing your friend how to do the right thing.
  • You could say to your friend “are you living with integrity?” and then say perhaps you could pick up that rubbish...

In groups of four we started making videos showing integrity using the i-Pads.

In our video we needed to:

  • Show an example of Integrity
  • Explain why our clip is demonstrating integrity
  • Explain the definition of Integrity

Making an i-Movie

What we noticed...

What Blocked our learning...

  • People coming and talking and yelling to us
  • People being silly and peeking through windows and other stuff
  • People running through the video... and talking loudly when we are trying to record.
  • Not having i-movie on all the i-Pads
  • Deleting lots of video
  • People copying our ideas
  • People interrupting our video
  • My group...the people who I choose to work with
  • Group not working together

What Drove our learning...

  • Working together as a group and including everybody
  • Being focused on the learning goal/task
  • We shared our ideas and listened to each other. Piggy backing on ideas and came up with one really good idea which we then all focused on
  • Good videoing 
  • Got to choose where we worked and could move about outside.

What we can do next time...

  • Make sure that i-movie is on all the i_pads
  • Keep the i-pad still when filming- take care with filming
  • Use your time wisely
  • Plan your time and your movie
  • Don’t laugh and look at the camera when you are filming
  • Follow all the instructions


Here is a movie showing integrity created by Ben, Kate, Ryan and Reagan

This is Rieligh-Kaye and Pania showing their learning about how to show integrity

Have a look at Jaiden, Thomas, Sam and Liam showing integrity in the playground

Aalaa, Emma, Ruby and Taylor are showing integrity at school and at home

The Science of art...

WALT : carry out an investigation to compare and contrast crayon and chalk as media for art.

How does chalk leave a mark?

  • You rub the chalk onto the paper and some of the powder from the chalk presses into the paper and makes a mark (Kate/Jaiden)
  • The stick of chalk gets smaller as you draw because some is left behind on the paper (Katelyn)
  • I think the chalk has has dried paint in it to make the colour (Thomas)

Is it the same as a crayon?

  • The crayon leaves a mark in the same way.

Compare and contrast chalk and crayon

  • Chalk is dusty and powdery
  • Both can leave marks on your hand (Thomas)
  • You can get crayon scrapings and rub them on the paper (Leo)
  • Crayons are made out of wax and they are not powdery (Kate)
  • The crayon leaves a brighter mark (Nikitah)...it leaves more colour
  • You can change the marks to create different  effects, like shadows, by using the tip or the side of the chalk (Rileigh-Kaye)
  • To create different effects with the crayon you need to press soft or hard or go over the line heaps of times. (Chalotte and Ella)
  • It is very difficult to mix crayon to make different colours (Katelyn)
  • You can mix chalk colours when you smudge it (Nikitah)

The Science of Art...

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Integrity in Owl City

What is integrity?

The value we are learning all about this term is integrity...what does this mean to us? how can we show integrity? do we have to show integrity all the time? what about at home? at school? in our sport?

We had a think about what we know about integrity and then shared our ides with the class...this is what we came up with.
Next we had a think about where we have to show integrity and what integrity might look like... we read a story 'Free Juice' and we watched a video clip http://www.values.com/inspirational-stories-tv-spots/78-Reach
Did the characters show integrity? how? what does this mean for me?

We are now practicing living with integrity everywhere, all the time...


Just a quick hello to you all...

Hi! My name is Kerri and I'm teaching in this delightful class now Ngarie has moved to Saudi Arabia. Some of you might remember me from last year when I taught in Joy's class while she was teaching science to other teachers.
Here is a little about me; I have 2 children of my own, Joshua is 14, a year 10 at Boys High, and James is 11, a year 7 at Intermediate Normal. My husband Rick and I dairy farm in Linton, it's a crazy time of year for him with lots of calves already!
We have hit the ground running with lots of interesting learning in (and out of class) and I would like to thank all the students for being so welcoming. I am looking forward to continuing the learning journey with this class and cannot wait to see the growth in all of us!